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"We thrive on challenge; for us it is not a job, nor is it a career, our water resources work is a committed lifestyle"

  • Leading innovations in climate change hydrology
  • Inspiring new ideas and tactical approaches in water supply planning   
  • Challenging long-held models about water resource management with new millennium insight    
  • Broadening our problem solving platforms with globally-derived solutions
  • Motivating the use of physical hydrology and empirical science to redefine contemporary water supply planning
  • Implementing a new edict in business commitment 
The SHIBATANI GROUP INC. is a Sacramento-based specialty firm in water resources supply development. positive climate change hydrology prescriptive planning, and strategic environmental stewardship founded by CEO & Managing Partner, Robert Shibatani, a consulting hydrologist and noted California water industry advisor. 

Our Water Resources work acknowledges new changes in water availability and security based on shifting climates....

We apply our own expertise and that from our international network of leading water practitioners to always bring the most unique ideas and tactical approaches to our clients....

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